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Top Wedding Trends of 2023 According to a Wedding Photographer.

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Let's make some predictions - what trends are in, and which ones are out.

Minnesota Wedding Portraits. Pictured from left to right: Jerron and Carly, Nicole and Tom, Michael and Eleanor, Amy and Alex | Minnesota Wedding Photographer - Emily's Photography.

Starting off with a drinking game. As someone who lives in the midwest, I'm a firm believer in drinking, so why the heck not find another reason to grab a beer out of the fridge!

  • Take a drink any time you read the word "arch".

  • Take a drink anytime I complain.

  • Take a drink every time I misuse a comma.

  • Take a drink any time you read the word "couple".

  • Take a shot if you're a wedding vendor that either agrees with me, or disagrees.

Hyatt Regency, Bloomington-Minneapolis Wedding: Rose and Chad | Minnesota Wedding Photographer - Emily's Photography.

The Staples.

First things first, there are a few staples that we all know won't change: white gowns, classic suits, emblem exchange (a.k.a. rings), first kiss, dancing and lots of photography. These aren't just trends, they are what makes a wedding, a wedding. It's what guests come to experience.

Below is a list of wedding trends going out, and new ones that might replace them. The intention behind this article is to share an opinion, not a judgement. Take everything you read online with a grain of salt, especially If It came out of my brain!

Lets Talk Arches

Originally, arches were used as a symbol of the future home a couple will start their family in, but times have changed.

in 2023, 70% of couples will cohabitate before their wedding day, and 1 in 4 couples opt. out of having kids.

So, to arch or not to arch? The answer is yes, definitely arch. Mainly because of the esthetics, but what kind to get? Honestly, the geometric ones will become a fad of the past. Bohemian style weddings will be left in 2022, along with their boho chic triangle arches, which are guaranteed to age your wedding photos. You ever see a wedding album that screams "1980's"? Well, I'm calling it right now, triangle arches and floral crowns will be screaming "two thousand twenties" in the near future.

The new thing is floral arches! You're sticking with that classic square shape, and simply adding florals to it which add color and personality. These do an amazing job anchoring the aisle to ensure all eyes on the couple during the ceremony. Grounded florals are also in, and are insanely stunning, but they might be a 2023 fad, so take precaution.

St. Paul Wedding at City House. Clair and Josh created a gorgeous floral arch with poles that held a traditional jewish Chuppah above. | Minnesota Wedding Photographer - Emily's Photography.

Wedding Favors

Leave the candy gifts to the kids birthdays, they just don't fit in at weddings. Don't even get me started with mini sanitizer bottles, I might scream if I see those again. Most wedding guest favors are not sustainable and get tossed, which means they will stop making appearances in 2023.

Something you can do for your guests that is memorable is gift custom glass's which guests can use to refill on beer/wine at the bar, or maybe make a donation to a charity on their behalf. Have a list of charities each guests can choose from, then donate $1 per vote. You'll be giving back in a great way, plus saving money!

Majestic Oaks Golf Club Wedding: Sophia and Brandon | Minnesota Wedding Photographer - Emily's Photography.

Photography Style

When I got into professional wedding photography in 2019, "Bright and Airy" ran the industry. All the high-end, fancy photographers had a romantic, soft feel to their portfolios. Perfect lighting, framing and posing were emphasized.

In 2023, high contract, true colors, and candids are taking over! Not saying light and airy is going to disappear, but its no longer the top dog. Couples prefer candid "lifestyle" photography. I had a handful of people this past year request a limited amount of poses, they wanted photography that didn't intrude on their day. Blurry, black and whites, harsh lighting and direct flash are trending thanks to social media, specifically Tik Tok, which is the new Pinterest for young engaged couples this year.

Hidden Falls, St. Paul Engagement: Heather and Christian | Minnesota Wedding Photographer - Emily's Photography.

Second Shooters and Engagement Sessions

Speaking of photography, I shoot about 90% of my weddings solo. Second shooters might be a thing of the past. They honestly aren't necessary, so couples are choosing to save a few hundred bucks instead. I think a great replacement is an assistant, someone who can be at the wedding for part of the day to help the photographer with formal portraits, things like holding the diffuser, fluffing the brides dress, fixing ties and rallying family members.

Engagement sessions are heading out as well, which is upsetting - these sessions are so important! Any bride or groom will tell you how much easier the wedding day was because they trusted their photographer 100%. How did they trust them? Because they already had an entire successful photoshoot prior. An engagement, or just a couples session guarantees familiarity with posing, style and trust in the process. Build your confidence as a bride by booking an engagement session, it's very well worth the money - I promise.

Oak Marsh Golf Course Wedding. Mariah and Derek | Minnesota Wedding Photographer - Emily's Photography.


The world of sweets is constantly changing, I can barely keep up. Basically, cake smashing your new spouse is a thing-of-the-past. I have rarely seen any cake smashes since 2020, In fact, the "cake cutting" photo isn't very popular either. Cupcakes are also out, but donuts are in, but donut walls are out? Oh, and those all-American Bundt cakes? Though they do make the occasional appearance at the dessert table, 2023 won't be seeing much of them.

Luxury over-the-top cakes from 1980's are making a come-back, but with better aesthetics. 3-D floral arrangements on multi-level wedding cakes will thrive this year.

Personally, I think someone needs to have a giant donut cake. Imagine a 5 layer Simpson-sized donut cake with five different fillings.. a Jelly glaze topper, with a Boston cream, coffee custard, lemon-curd and cheesecake layers underneath.

Hyland Hills Ski Resort Wedding: Angelica and Seth | Minnesota Wedding Photographer - Emily's Photography.

So there you have it, some 2023 trends and predictions I gathered. Comment below what you think. If your a couple searching for a wedding photographer, check out my website, I'd love to hear from you!



Hi, I'm Emily, and I document people (and their dogs) at weddings! I live alongside my five amazing, crazy and energetic pups, Nessie, Peach, Sammi, Vinny, and Bobbi. They chew everything they see, take up the whole bed, but most importantly - they give the best hugs.

I became a professional photographer in 2019 and since then have had the opportunity to share incredible moments with numerous couples that will be cherished forever. My goal is to tell the story not only of your wedding day, but of your love. I believe to the core that who we are matters. The imagery we create together is dependent on our connection with each other + being the right fit for each other. Let’s get to know one another, I’ll start.

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Shanice Laquistta
Shanice Laquistta
Dec 13, 2023

I absolutely loved our floral arch! One of the best trends. 🌸


I basically just chugged my beer and had to crack a new one 😂

Shanice Laquistta
Shanice Laquistta
Dec 13, 2023
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